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LeadsToolbox is a FREE resource for anyone who works with cell phones, Call Detail Records (CDRs) and geo-location data.  We are continuously updating this website with the tools and information you need for chasing phones.

This includes:

  • A FREE Phone Lookup Tool(Find the service provider & possible subscriber for any phone number, print customized preservation letters and search warrants.)
  • Carrier Compliance Center Information(Find relevant documentation about carriers and their record formats)
  • Additional Legal Templates (Find other pertinent legal templates related to chasing phones)
  • Law Enforcement Technology Investigations Resource Guide (LETIRG)
  • News & Events Related to chasing phones (See the latest news below)
  • Investigative Resources
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Training Materials
  • and much more…

News & Events

Burglars using jammers to disable wireless smart home security

Posted by Samantha Roussel
February 19, 2024 | Ernestas Naprys | CyberNews | Wireless smart sensors and cameras may be “screaming” about broken glass, open doors, and burglars moving inside the house, but those radio signals may never reach the homeowner’s phone. After a series of robberies in Edina, Minneapolis, police suspect that burglars are using WiFi jammers to block off ...
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Signal Finally Rolls Out Usernames, So You Can Keep Your Phone Number Private

Posted by Samantha Roussel
February 20, 2024 | By Andy Greenberg | WIRED | FOR NEARLY A decade, cybersecurity professionals and privacy advocates have recommended the end-to-end encrypted communications app Signal as the gold standard for truly private digital communications. Using it, however, has paradoxically required exposing one particular piece of private information to everyone you text or call: a ...
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AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon users hit by massive cellular outage in US

Posted by Samantha Roussel
February 22, 2024 | By Melissa Koenig | New York Post | A major cellphone outage affected users across the US early Thursday — even stopping some police departments from being able to receive 911 calls. AT&T seemed to have experienced the largest number of issues, with nearly 32,000 reports at around 4:30 a.m., according to data ...
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AT&T says FirstNet provides more than 5.5 million connections to about 27,500 agencies

Posted by Samantha Roussel
January 26, 2024 | By Donny Jackson | Urgent Communications | FirstNet provides more than 5.5 million connections to approximately 27,500 public-safety agencies subscribing to the nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN) as of the end of 2023, according to figures released yesterday by AT&T, the FirstNet Authority contractor tasked with building and maintaining the system. AT&T CFO ...
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First SpaceX Satellites Launch for Breakthrough Direct to Cell Service with T-Mobile

Posted by Samantha Roussel
January 3, 2024 | T-Mobile | Major step forward in companies’ vision to create truly universal coverage by pairing SpaceX’s Starlink satellite technology with T-Mobile’s industry-leading network. Five international partners have joined T-Mobile and SpaceX on their quest for global connectivity. HAWTHORNE, Calif. — January 3, 2024 — 3…2…1…Lift off! Today, T-Mobile announced that SpaceX’s Falcon 9 ...
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For 15 years and counting, Colin Fagan, a retired dedicated law enforcement detective sergeant and digital evidence examiner created and continues to maintain the Law Enforcement Technology Investigations Resource Guide (LETIRG) with information on the latest technology and legal templates to help law enforcement across the country.  We are happy to be serving as the gatekeeper of the Guide on Colin’s behalf.