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We here at Hawk Analytics are passionate about supporting the people and mission of Law Enforcement. As such, we have created the Hawk Toolbox – a FREE resource for anyone who works with cell phones, Call Detail Records (CDRs) and geo-location data.  We are continuously updating this website with the tools and information you need for chasing phones.

This includes:

  • A FREE Phone Lookup Tool (Find the service provider & possible subscriber for any phone number, print customized preservation letters and search warrants.)
  • Carrier Compliance Center Information (Find relevant documentation about carriers and their record formats)
  • Additional Legal Templates (Find other pertinent legal templates related to chasing phones)
  • News & Events Related to chasing phones (See the latest news below)
  • Investigative Resources
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Training Materials
  • and much more…

News & Events

Collection, Disclosure of E-Scooter Data is Not a Search

Posted by Tom Bruce
Mon. May 30, 2022 | By MetNews Staff Writer | Metropolitan News-Enterprise | Court Upholds City of Los Angeles Requirement That Companies Renting Out Electric Scooters Provide It With Information As to Where the Vehicles Have Traveled; Rejects Claim of Fourth Amendment Violation The “third party doctrine,” under which no legitimate expectation of privacy can be found ...
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Massachusetts’ Highest Court Upholds Cell Tower Dump Warrant

Posted by Tom Bruce
Fri. May 27, 2022 | By Jennifer Lynch & Emma Hagemann | EFF | Massachusetts’ highest court has upheld the collection of mass cell tower data, despite recognizing that this data not only provides investigators with “highly personal and private” information but also has the potential to reveal “the locations, identities, and associations of tens of ...
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Chatrie Pleads Guilty in Case Testing Use of Google Geofence Warrant

Posted by Tom Bruce
Tues. May 10, 2022 | By The Associated Press | ABC News | A Richmond, VA. man has pleaded guilty to bank robbery charges in a case that tested the constitutionality of broad search warrants that use Google location history to find people who were near crime scenes RICHMOND, Va. — A Richmond man has pleaded guilty to ...
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AT&T’s New Tech Means Better Location Data, Routing for 911

Posted by Tom Bruce
Wed. May 11, 2022 | By Ben Miller | Gov Tech | The technology will use GPS data from mobile devices to route calls to the nearest 911 dispatch center, making it more likely the call goes to the right place. And dispatchers won’t have to do anything to get it. Soon, 911 dispatch centers nationwide will ...
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Silicon Valley rallies behind New York ban on geofence and keyword search warrants

Posted by Tom Bruce
Wed. May 11, 2022 | By Zack Whittaker | Tech Crunch | Google, Microsoft and Yahoo back New York ban on controversial search warrants A coalition of tech giants, including Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, have pledged support for a New York bill that would ban the use of controversial search warrants that can identify people based on ...
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For 15 years and counting, Colin Fagan, a retired dedicated law enforcement detective sergeant and digital evidence examiner created and continues to maintain the Law Enforcement Technology Investigations Resource Guide (LETIRG) with information on the latest technology and legal templates to help law enforcement across the country.  We are happy to be serving as the gatekeeper of the Guide on Colin’s behalf.